HEVC advanced

Is a new Patent Pool (created in March 2015) that addresses marketplace demand for an additional licensing option of HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) essential patents. It is an important new player in the market as demand for digital video explodes, triggering the need for a wide array of new compression technologies developed by some of the most noted innovators in the video entertainment market.  HEVC Advance goals is to provide an efficient and transparent means for licensing HEVC essential Patents. The initial list of Licensors is expected to include GE, Technicolor, Dolby, Philips and Mitsubishi Electric and will offer more than 500 essential HEVC/H.265 patents through the license HEVC patent pool. The number of patents is expected to grow significantly as the additional HEVC patent owners become Licensors. For more information: http://www.hevcadvance.com/.

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