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    TV & Film

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    Installation & Setup

Our services

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    System integration

    Complex projects for TV, film & post-production studios. Wide range of solutions - cameras, NLE, VFX, grading, storage, render-farms and network infrastructure.

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    Developing engineer documentation including electrical drawings, studio & server equipment placement maps. Calculation power consumptions & interblock wiring journals.

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    Purchase orders, buys and delivery from top brands. Fully legal customs processing. Extended warranty.

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    Several engineering teams with huge installation experience in different areas of Eastern Europe and Middle East. Installation of cable routes & structural elements. Warranty for work.

Some Our projects

  • Jan-2024 | Upgrade at KyrgyzFilm

    Upgrade the oldest state studio with ARRI cameras, light and accessories.

  • Oct-2023 | RUHUB

    Modernization of eSports studio with new broadcast equipment to achieve 4K streaming.

  • Sep-2023 | MoSys based VP studio

    Building a virtual production studio along with educational class by supplying MoSys camera trackers with a software plugin for Unreal Engine

  • May-2023 | Ultimate GG

    UAE based eSports studio with broadcast cameras and game workstations.

  • Sep-2023 | Fantastika VR show

    "Fantastika" VR show - motion captured real-time avatars and camera tracking, LED masks for an audience, HFR real-time tracking projection-mapping system for dancers. The technology stock includes Optitrack/MotionBuilder, Mo-Sys, Pixotope, Panasonic ET-SWR100.

  • Feb-2022 | Film archive restoration @KazakhFilm

    Setup a restoration facility at KazakhFilm studio with restoration and color grading software. A technology stack includes Nucoda & Phoenix software accompanied with HS-ART Diamant & Colorizer applications. The storage is SNS, with an online SSD and a nearline HDD modules.

  • Feb-2022 | GES-2

    Supply and set up equipment from tonwelt for interactive audio guiding in GES-2 cultural place. The project includes audio/multimedia guides, chargers, and anti-theft radio triggers.

  • Dec-2021 | Ventuz

    Supply a pack of Ventuz players for the interactive multimedia installation in the museum of the Federal Treasury.

  • Oct-2021 | 360 VR performance "Ekaterina II"

    360 VR performance with XVIII century characters in "Tsaritsyno" State Museum-Reserve. A technology stack includes Titan 360 camera, Mistika stitching software, Pico VR 4K helmets.

  • Oct-2021 | SMF school @Kazan

    Project of animation educational classes of SoyuzMultFilm in Kazan.

  • Jul-2021 | Calman C6HDR2000

    Supply Portrait Displays calibration solution for grading labs NIKA Digital and ColorKithen.

  • Apr-2020 | Baselight-ONE/Blackboard @ColorKitchen

    Setup and installation of Baselight ONE system and supply Blackboard Classic grading panel for a grading lab.

  • Apr-2019 | Baselight ONE @Artyficial

    Setup and installation of Baselight workstation with Slate panels for a grading lab.

  • Jan-2018 | Qube Cinema Master Pro @PTRK Astana

    Supply a DCP encoding solution from Qube Cinema for PTRK Astana, Kazakhstan.

  • Dec-2017 | Blackmagic Cintel @BelarusFilm

    Installation and setup of Blackmagic Cintel Scanner at BelarusFilm, Minsk.

  • Nov-2017 | PTRK Astana

    Supply and installation of Baselight TWO system at PTRK Astana, Kazakhstan, and assistance in staff training.

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